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After working in the tech field for a while we saw that there are different types of front-end developers. You can't get very high results if your work is not a part of your DNA and your life in general.

Our vision is to connect top front-end developers with fast-growing companies who want to be more competitive in their niche.


The Friction of Traditional Hiring

You sift through 1000s of resumes, coordinate interviews, and spend months to (maybe) hire the right person.

Hiring Made Easy with AVA

We simplify your hiring process by sourcing, vetting, and matching you with our technical talent which is sitting in our office.

How it works in 2 steps

1st Step

Submit the form request. Have a talk with our manager to discuss who are you looking for and what is important for you.

2nd Step

Send the test task to our developer to understand how to work with him and evaluate his experience.

What is the difference?
Typical employment
Virtual platforms

Time to find

In most cases our developers starting working with clients in 1-2 weeks.

1-2 weeks
1 - 4 month
1 - 3 month

Recruitment fee

You are paying just the cost of the developer. All included.

$10 - 40k

Failure rate

You are protected by contract and all of our developers are our employees(not freelancers).

Very high

Contract protection

You are protected by real contract and you are the owner of all intellectual property.

Termination cost

Easily end the collaboration with the developer by request in 2 weeks.

Very high

Trial period

We are giving the trial period of one week with lower rate.

1 week

Free replacement

Not happy with the current developer? Make a request for replacement - it will be free for you.

Your complete remote hiring solution

Work with us as much as you need from full-time to hourly base


Find your next team member who will be working full-time with you.


Add bandwidth for short term projects.

Remote team

Build a co-located remote team of front-end developers.

Frequently asked questions

Can you provide more references?

What skills do your developers have?

Currently, we have developers with the next skills: Angular, React, Node.js, React Native and UI/UX design. So we can cover whole development or be helpful in some parts.

What is included in the hourly rate?

You have no hidden cost and no commissions. All expenses like working place for developer, salary, laptop are included in cost already.

What if I will want to replace my developer?

You need to make a request with your contact manager and we will make a replacement for you in a week.

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