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Transforming creative software design concepts and ideas into user interfaces using React.js and Angular technologies.

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During this challenging year, we still helped our clients reach their goals by focusing on quality and on-time delivery.

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We gather our best experience and technological expertise to bring it to your organization.
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Custom Front-end Development

Migration from old-fashioned solutions to modern ones with improved user experience.
Development of intuitive user interfaces from scratch for any platform (mobile, web, desktop).
Front-end development of high-load applications with complex dashboards, tables, charts, and data widgets.
Extending supplementary features to existing software products.
Progressive web application development.

UX/UI Design

Creating visually appealing and intuitive user interfaces.
Design consulting and product research.
Designing web, mobile, and other platforms.
Creating UI concepts and interactive wireframes.
UX design services and usability testing.

Dedicated Team

Acquire the relevant technical expertise for your project.
Gain full management control over developers.
Easily scale up or down team size depending on the state of development and scope of work.
Allocate resources more effectively to ensure that you are investing in activities that drive growth and value for your business.
Full-time or part-time workload.
We don't have Junior level specialists, only Middle and Senior ones.

Expertise focus

Delivering custom front-end development services for more than 7 years.

Deep technological focus on such technologies as Angular and ReactJS to ensure future development potential.

Creating intuitive, user-centric interfaces that provide an enjoyable experience for end-users and meet clients' business goals.

Complete guidance and consultancy services to help clients transform their software design concepts and ideas into reality.
Continuous Improvement.
Our developers receive targeted training to improve their skills, which is constantly reviewed to monitor their progress.

Focused Growth.
They continue to grow constantly, as they are in an environment that is intensely focused on certain front-end technologies.

Expertise sharing.
We have regular processes in which our developers share their knowledge, challenges, and solutions to improve each other's skills.

Segment focus


Create unique solutions for your clients with our development team, who keep up with the latest technologies and design trends to provide more effective results that meet your customers' needs.
Accelerate your company’s growth, increase revenue, and reduce micromanagement.
Solve your problem with a limited range of skills at your disposal and access to the necessary developers in a short period of time, without causing stress to your customers.
Easily manage your workload based on your customers' needs.


Get a front-end development partner with specialized expertise to understand the latest technologies, design principles, and best practices for user experience.
Improve customer retention, conversion rates, and brand perception while transforming your app's appearance.
Improve your delivery to speed up the development process and time-to-market.
Reduce recruiting and operational costs by quickly hiring external front-end developers with specific skill sets.

What to expect?

You will work only with an experienced, self-motivated developer or team that can be aligned with your business needs.
Transparent work
We provide detailed weekly and monthly reports, allowing you to easily track progress.
Clear communication
Direct communication with the tech team reduces the risk of miscommunication that can occur when a third party is involved.
Hourly wage
You pay only for hours worked, not for the developer's presence in the office. We cover extra expenses, such as sick leave, vacation, and workspace. No need to worry about motivating your dev team.

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“There are a lot of companies that offer similar services but we’ve had an end-to-end good experience with them.”
"’ responsiveness and accuracy were impressive. We highly recommend them."
"The different and very profound skillset of the AVA team was very impressive."
"They were proactive and seemed eager to build a relationship."
"Their flexibility and genuine interest in finding the best solution for the product was impressive."
"They are young, talented, and extremely smart developers."
"I appreciated the level of comfort made us feel. It was like being a part of a family.”
" has the ability to dive in and get the work done creatively with a lot of personal input."
“Their English is solid, and they have a fast turnaround and excellent project management skills.”
“I cannot emphasize enough how well AVA communicates and takes responsibility for deliverables.”
"I am impressed with their developers for delivering high-quality results."
“They made sure the website was exactly what we wanted.”
“Work with—they are wonderful!”
"Working with was flawless from start to finish."
"Our time schedule was met perfectly."
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"We appreciated their pace and their quality."
"They're passionate, energetic, honest, and friendly. It was a pleasure to work with them."
"What’s most impressive about them is their customer service."
“Their speed, competence, and advanced JS skills were most impressive.”
"Their speed and professionalism are really impressive”

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