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Our React Native development flow

React Native development
You are live
  • Preparation


    • Checking your design and technical documentation.
    • Preparing approximate estimate and roadmap of React Native development.
    • Allocating right react native dev's from our team who has the right skill set and availability.
    • Signing the contract and get started.
  • React Native development

    React Native development

    • React Native development in 1-2 weeks sprints based on scrum or agile methodology.
    • Providing weekly feedback about our process.
    • Provide our ideas and recommendation for better UI/UX implementation.
  • Test


    • Manual testing.
    • Writing Unit and E2E tests.
    • Regression testing.
  • You are live

    You are live

    • Your React Native app was fully tested and finally deployed to production.
    • Your users can start using your lovely application.
    • Our React Native developers are ready for long-term support.

Our React Native stack

ReactJS Core
React native / expo
State Managment
State Managment
Http client
Http client
Date time
Date time
Package Manager
Package Manager
Google Play
Expo staging
Google Play

We are different

Ava developers

AVA developers with open wings

  • Deeply focused and experienced in React Native and can work with highly loaded apps.
  • Extraverts with good English and our React Native developers can work with your team directly.
  • Always working with last version of React Native.
  • Employed by and can be focused on your project.
  • Each React Native developer has his individual growing and continuous learning plans.
Others developers

Other developers

  • Don't have a deep focus on technologies due to different projects.
  • Afraid of talking about his ideas.
  • Don't use the latest version of React Native.
  • Can't be fully engaged in your project.

Customers reviews

CTO, Quik
Bartek Czerwinski
Project provides ongoing development serves, working on iOS and Android mobile apps using React Native and React.js. Additionally, the team is responsible for browser-based interfaces and new features.
Feedback is made up of a skilled team that does good work. They are a hands-on partner who offers great ideas. Additionally, they have a good culture and their internal processes mesh well with the business’.
CEO, SECTOR 31 s.r.o.
Patrik Dvořák
Project programmed an independent custom microservice in PHP and Symfony with Docker support. The service would be integrated into e-commerce solutions.
Feedback' assistance helped ensure that the project got out on time and within budget. They demonstrated high technical ability and followed rigorous coding conventions.
CEO, Xpertify
Georg Winkler
Project performed a variety of development services to bring in state of the art technology. The team used PHP, AngularJS, and other technologies for different projects.
Feedback' skilled expertise improved a variety of processes within every level of the business. Their collaborative approach streamlined the entire engagement. They were proactive and communicative.
Partner, Asio
Steinar Aas
Project created modules for an e-learning application. Their team saw through the project from the planning phase to the production phase.
The modules are successful due to the quality of code produced by Their team is efficient, cooperative, and accepting of feedback.

Our React Native team

Andriy react native developer


React Native developer

Denis react native developer


React Native developer

Anatolii react native developer


React developer

Roman react native developer


React Native developer

Oleksandr react native developer


React developer

Denys react native developer


React Native developer


  • What is your main tech stack?

    We are focusing on building user interfaces using the next technologies: Angular, React js, Node.js, React Native.
    All developers are taking courses and having individual learning plans with motivation in those directions.

  • Who is the owner of the source code?

    Our customers are 100% the owners of all produced source code.

  • What is your average hourly rate for React Native development?

    Our hourly rate is 50-100$/hour depends on project roadmap, complexity, timeline. We don't have junior react js developers in our company at all.

  • Can I talk to your existing customers about your react expertise?

    Sure, before starting working with us we can give you a few contacts of our existing customers who has same react development or react js migration request.

  • What if I will want to replace my React Native developer?

    We believe that it won't happen but still, you have this option. Just make a request to our manager and we will make a replacement for you in a week.

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