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“The assistance of was invaluable in helping get everything done in a very timely manner. Their expertise and enthusiasm helped to deliver products that met our company expectations. It was not only a high-quality delivery but deep understanding of business side, flexibility, open communication and desire to make the product better and competitive”.

CEO at Nection



Mobile App


Computer Software


iOS Native Mobile App

Time from message to start of project

2 weeks

Length of collaboration

1 year

Project focus

Frontend 50%
Backend 25%
Design 25%


Nection is an early-stage startup that was looking for a development partner to extend its team with niche-experienced developers. The startup needed to develop an application from scratch, assisted with technical requirements and flowed description, and single out the essential features to successfully launch the product's first version to attract the users.


- limited budget
- limited timeframes
- doubts regarding the most suitable technology stack and design part
- lack the developers with a technical background and an understanding of the business side and industry, who will consult during the working process.

Business needs

- meet the limited budget and timeframes
- launch the first version of the app to gather user's feedback
- make a competitive product to attract investors to increase financing
- have constant access to needed resources for further fixes and product development

Team engaged on the start

Team engaged right now


Our React development teams apply the latest, cutting-edge technologies, front-end, and back-end development tools.


React Native

State management:

React Redux

React Thunk



To host on hosting:



Package manager:




On server:




Mango DB

Project structure

From Contacts Book, LinkedIn, Facebook.

Storing all client contacts in one place

Import contacts

From Contacts Book, LinkedIn, Facebook.

See contacts on the Map

Depending on their location.
Don’t allow your contacts to forget you

Reminders to stay in touch.

Select the frequency of communications

Import From Contacts Book, LinkedIn, Facebook

Contact in a single click

Find the persons communication channel in a single click
Get the last insight that is affecting your contacts.

Crushial app features

One-click interaction

Be in the persons communication channel in single click.

Interact with more contacts

Write personalized email/message to few of your contacts in the same time.

History of last interactions

Notes about how you’ve connected and what was it about

Weather forecast

Latest weather events from your contact’s place start the conversation

News selection

Twitter post of your contact and news in which he/she is mentioned

Summary helped customers build the first version of the Mobile App for business relations by extending the customer's team with niche-experienced developers. We offered our client guidance during the working process and constant access to needed resources quickly. After launch, we have also provided further maintenance to make the product competitive to attract first users and financing.

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