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Denys Angular developer


Angular developer with UX focus

Short overview
Delivered more than 10 user-oriented Angular applications for E-commerce, Photography and Internet fields. Denys have 9.5 NPS score from existing customers.
Main Expertise
Angular, Angular.js, HTML/CSS, Typescript.
Soft skills
English, Critical Thinking, Troubleshooting, Communication.
Alex Angular developer


Angular developer with Enterprise focus

Short overview
Delivered more than 10 angular apps for Banking, Healthcare and E-commerce fields. Alex have 9.4 NPS score from existing customers.
Main Expertise
Angular.js, HTML/CSS, Javascript.
Soft skills
English, Detail-Oriented, Restructuring and Project Management.
Vitalik Angular developer


Angular developer with UI focus

Short overview
Helped companies from Industrial Automation and Consumer Goods fields with delivering interfaces on a long-term basis.
Main Expertise
Angular, Angular.js, Node.js, Chrome extensions.
Soft skills
English, Prioritizing, Attention to Details.
Denis Angular developer


Angular developer with UI focus

Short overview
Helped companies from the Information Technology sector with migration to the latest Angular from old-school looking front-end.
Main Expertise
Angular.js, HTML/CSS, Typescript, Javascript.
Soft skills
English, Integrity, Problem Solving.
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We are different

freelance developer

Freelance developers

  • Don't have a deep focus on technologies due to different projects.
  • Afraid of talking about his ideas.
  • Don't use the latest version of Angular.
  • Can't be fully engaged in your project.

Developers with open wings

  • Deeply focused on Angular and can work with highly loaded apps.
  • Our Angular developers are extraverts with good communication skills and can work with your team directly.
  • Working with the latest version of Angular.
  • Employed only by AVA.codes and can be fully engaged in your project.
  • Each Angular developer has his professional growth and learning plans.

Let’s compare

Typical employment
Freelance platforms

Time to find

During the week  we will find a good developer fit with how you will be able to start trial period for 1 week

< 1 week
1 - 4 month
1 - 3 month

Recruitment fee

You are paying just the cost of the developer. All included.

$10 - 40k

Failure rate

You are protected by contract and all of our developers are our employees(not freelancers).


Contract protection

You are protected by real contract and you are the owner of all intellectual property.

Termination cost

Easily end the collaboration with the developer by request in 2 weeks.

Very high

Trial period

If you will not be satisfied, we will make you the 70% discount for all the jobs done during first week. If everything will be working fine – we will just continue working with our normal hourly rate.

1 week

Free replacement

Not happy with the current developer? Make a request for replacement - it will be free for you.

Your complete remote hiring solution

Work with our Angular developers as much as you need from full-time to hourly base


Find your next Angular developer who will be working full-time with you.


Add bandwidth for short term projects with one of our Angular developer.

Remote team

Build a co-located remote team of Angular developers.

As a result


  • What tech skills your Angular developers have?

    All our developers are working with the latest Angular but still, we have some people who could help with old Angularjs. All developers are taking courses and having learning plans in that direction.

  • Who is the owner of the source code?

    You will be the owner of all source code which our Angular developers will develop for you.

  • What is your average hourly rate for Angular developer?

    Our hourly rate is 50-100$/hour depends on project roadmap, complexity, timeline. We don't have junior developers in our team.

  • Can I talk to your existing customers?

    Sure, before starting working with us we can give you a few contacts of our existing customers so you will be able to get personal feedback.

  • What if I will want to replace my developer?

    We believe that it won't happen but still, you have this option. Just make a request to our manager and we will make a replacement for you in a week.

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